Adopt a Leopard

With less than 35 Amur Leopards alive in the wild today you would struggle to find an endangered animal which is in more need of help.
You can help the Amur Leopard by purchasing a leopard adoption pack.
Adopt a LeopardWith each adoption pack you get a cuddly leopard toy, regular updates about Amur Leopards, factsheets, and much more.
These packs make great gifts for everyone, especially animal lovers and those people who really love leopards.
Each time that you adopt a leopard that money goes towards helping Amur Leopards in a number of ways, including:
– Linking up areas of forest which have become separated, allowing leopards to move between forests
– Setting up and running anti-poaching patrols
– Setting up a programmed aimed at increasing leopard prey numbers
– Working with governments to protect existing nature reserves and establish new ones
Adopt a Leopard from just £40 or £3 per month >>
An Amur Leopard in the wild

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