Amur Leopard Q&A

If you are interested in the Amur Leopard you will be keen to learn more about them so here are some interesting questions and answers that could be helpful for you.
Where do the Amur Leopard live?
The Amur Leopard once lived over a large area stretching from north-eastern China into Korea and Russia. Today this habitat has drastically reduced and these animals now lives in an area between the Chinese border and Vladivostok in the Russian province of Primorsky Krai. They are currently in a protected area which is helping them into stay alive.
There are also reports of their being scattered individuals currently living in China however these numbers are rapidly decreasing and cannot be verified.
What is the current population?
Currently the population of the Amur Leopard in the wild has been estimated that fewer than 40 individual animals. Clearly this is an incredibly serious situation and something needs to be done in order to get these numbers increasing.
Why are their numbers decreasing?
There are various factors that impact on the numbers of Amur Leopard. These include: the threat of poaching and the illegal fur trade, the fact that their habitat is decreasing rapidly, the numbers of their prey is decreasing and there is also a threat from humans.
What is being done to help them?
The WWF and ALTA are working to prevent the numbers of the Amur Leopard decreasing to a number of different projects. These include protecting the habitat that they live in, supporting anti poaching schemes and projects, working to increase the numbers of the Leopard’s prey in the wild and concentrating on breeding programmes which will help to increase their population.
What can you do?
There are various ways in which you can help the Amur Leopard such as adopting an Amur Leopard, donating money and simply letting other people know about the plight of these wonderful animals and getting them on board with helping them.

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