The Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA)

In the last 10 years there has been a great deal of progress in regards to conserving Amur leopards and tigers and much of this has been done by the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA).
This a coalition comprising of 13 Russian and international NGOs. They all work together to collate information, provide funding and instigate projects that will conserve Amur leopards and tigers in China and Russia.
The main agencies that are involved in the ALTA are the Phoenix Fund and WCS Russia, there other agencies involved but these are to a small degree such as: the Zoological Society of London, International Fund Animal Welfare, Tigris Foundation, Wildlife Vets International, Moscow Zoo and several others.
The approach of the ALTA has its roots in good science, commitment in the long term and incredibly similar threat analysis for these animals. All of the projects that are undertaken are thoroughly evaluated and monitored to ensure that they have the animal’s best interests at heart and they are working well.
The members of the ALTA are in close contact with the World Wide Fund for Nature, the Russian NGOs and various authorities in the Russian Academy of Science. This helps to further ensure that every project that is devised is the very best possible.
Together these agencies, institutions and funding partners are able to put into practice many different programs that will help the future of these amazing animals. Not only do many of these partners provide funding they also work on breeding programmes such as the European / Russian zoo breeding programme which has some amazing results and is working towards increasing the numbers of Amur leopards for the future.
As you can see this alliance is implementing many positive projects that will help to conserve these animals and give them a better chance of survival.

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