The Main Threats Facing the Amur Leopard

The Amur Leopard lives in north-eastern China and is one of the many animals that is threatened with extinction. As with any type of animal that is threatened with extinction there are main reasons for this. So what are they?
Loss of habitat and fragmentation of animals -experts believe that from 1970 to 1983 the Amur Leopard has seen its habitat decreased by an amazing 80%. This is due to land conversion, forest fires and logging. This has led to groups of Leopards being fragmented and split which has prevented them from breeding.
Illegal trade and poaching – as the Amur Leopard have a beautiful coat it is highly sought-after by poachers who are looking to earn money by selling its fur. Undercover investigations back in 1999 found that two Amur Leopard skins were sold in Barabash which is a village close to the Kedrovaya Pad animal reserve. These skins were from a male and a female and being sold for $1000 and $500.
Scarcity of prey – as poaching is driving down the numbers of the animals that the Amur Leopard eats they are finding it harder to sustain themselves. It is essential that the local population to stop the killing animals that Amur Leopard need to feed on in order for the prey population to increase.
Inbreeding – when animals start to inbreed there are various genetic problems that can occur. While some inbreeding is sometimes expected in groups of animals this should certainly not be the norm and can cause a species to die out if left unchecked.
Conflict between Loepards and humans – Amur Leopards like to eat deer however in the Russian Far East deers are eaten by humans. This brings the leopards into direct conflict with the farmers who raise deer purely for human consumption.

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